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Recurring Invoices

We’ve listened to our users and are now introducing Recurring Invoices

Recurring Invoices has consistently been the most sought-after feature by our users. We wanted to get it right and keep it very simple while integrating it into the regular flow of using Tradeshift. The result is the new Recurring Invoices app that is available today for free as a Tradeshift App.

If your customers are billed periodically or on a subscription basis, you can now very easily invoice them identical amounts on a recurring basis. This automation will save you time and make your life easier.

Recurring Invoices will let you switch between ‘standard’ and ‘recurring’ when creating a new invoice. In the recurring mode you once set the payment terms, first occurrence and repeat frequency. Otherwise it is just like creating a normal invoice. You can also pick a previously sent invoice and use that as a template for a new recurring invoice. Finally, you’ll have an overview of all your recurring invoices on the Recurring Invoices app page. You can easily see the next occurrences and change the scheduled invoice.

Recurring Invoices screenshot

You will receive an email notification 24 hours before a recurring invoice is scheduled to be sent. When a recurring invoice has been sent it will appear on your Documents page like any other invoice.

Mathias Aggerbo from the company Webloftet was among the users asking for the Recurring Invoices feature and has been involved in extensive beta testing. In the following interview he explains how he now uses it and how it works.