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Welcome David Ahrens, Tradeshift Chief Marketing Officer

David Ahrens joined Tradeshift last month as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), a role with functional responsibility for all of the Tradeshift digital, product and brand initiatives, along with traditional demand generation activities aimed at engaging organizations running the world’s largest enterprise supply chains bringing Commerce to All.

“David brings creativity, insight, and precision to our team,” said Tradeshift co-founder and CEO Christian Lanng.  “We’re thrilled he joined us in this pivotal time in our growth. David’s professionalism, determination and experience will help us move to the next level in our dynamic, evolving business landscape.”

He has vision, drive, passion and the ability to empower and motivate his teams. David is multi-talented with complementary leadership skills: he is responsive, intuitive, and insightful. In baseball, you’d call David a “five-tool” guy.

Previously, David led marketing operations as CMO for FRONTEO USA and Marsh ClearSight. Prior to those roles, David held marketing leadership positions at SAP and SAS.  

As head of Competitive and Market Intelligence for Analytics, Database Technologies, and Mobile at SAP, his team delivered highly insightful and extremely valuable content that helped his product marketing peers drive sales and define marketing strategy.  From a C-Suite consumer of his team’s output: “The quality and organization of information provided was superior to anything previously available to us at SAP. David set a new bar for achieving excellence.”

According to David, “Every company must be willing to try their hand at innovation in order to continue to grow and to remain competitive in today’s market. Not only do you have to get innovation right internally with your development and product teams, but you must allow the customer to fully participate in this innovation cycle for their own benefit and learning.”

David holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Business Management degree from Ryerson University with a minor in Communications. With his 24+ years of extensive strategy, marketing and innovation experience in the high-tech sector, he brings domain expertise across the spectrum of marketing, corporate strategy, and business development.

David is also a respected speaker and is often invited to business conferences and trade shows to share his knowledge, best practices and expertise.

We’re happy to have David aboard!


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