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UK Gov follows Tradeshift’s example

“Electronic invoicing could streamline government administration at a stroke, save taxpayers billions of pounds and enable the government to use its immense purchasing power to open new markets.

Britain already lags behind most of Europe and many of our global competitors. In Denmark, paper invoicing has been banned in the public sector since 2005.”

– Stephen Partland and Adam Afriyie, Conservative MPs, writing in The Guardian

Years ago, as a young policy advisor for the Danish Government, I wrote a strategy suggestion to build an open source P2P infrastructure for e-business across the country. Within 10 months, 95% of all companies in Denmark were using the system, today it’s being quoted as the example to follow by British MPs.

The article, which is well worth a read, talks about how the benefits of electronic systems like online invoicing “are simply too good to miss”. But it also notes that introducing it as the default will take strong political will.

On this note, the piece ends with a promise that the duo will press for its introduction at the earliest possible opportunity. But we think that the influence of public sector organizations who work closely with the Government will play their part too — just look at our work with SERCO ASP, who supplies the NHS.

And without giving too much away, there’s plenty more where that came from. Stay tuned, what we have planned with Tradeshift will make our work in Denmark looking like a practice run for what’s coming up in the public sector in 2013.