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Tradeshift Intuit partnership

Multi-million dollar Intuit partnership will connect millions to Tradeshift platform

  • Tradeshift to become biggest platform for business interactions, reaching over 5m QuickBooks users

In just a couple of years, Tradeshift has connected over 150,000 businesses. Today, we’re announcing a new partnership with Intuit that will connect the five million businesses who use QuickBooks onto Tradeshift and create the largest network of companies on one platform that the world has ever seen.

Why does this matter? Scale. The value of any communications network increases directly in proportion to number of users — and when it reaches a point where it includes most of the businesses you want to interact with, something amazing happens. Skype, Facebook, Linkedin; all these platforms are successful because they have critical mass.

Today is a giant leap toward Tradeshift joining that lineup.

The millions of companies who choose QuickBooks to give them confidence, insight and new opportunities from financial data will now enjoy the same experience around external business interactions using Tradeshift. They’ll be able to get paid faster via Tradeshift Instant Payments and add new business processes using Tradeshift Apps.

At such a scale (and with our commitment to open standards) Tradeshift becomes an even more appealing environment for developers and partners to create and sell Apps. And that opens the door to running any business process on the platform and, in time, feeding more data back into Quickbooks too.

Those of you running businesses in the UK will be the first to benefit from the partnership via a free app that connects your Tradeshift and QuickBooks accounts. Find out more details and activate the App here.

We built Tradeshift E-invoicing because it’s the one thing every single company needs but when it comes to business interactions, the sky’s the limit.

And finally, the global enterprises that have been desperate for years to embrace a more efficient electronic future can do so safe in the knowledge that companies they work with are already connected.

As Tradeshift becomes more and more ubiquitous as the platform for all business interactions, we may look back at this as the tipping point. But what’s really interesting is that this isn’t the biggest news we’ll have all year. It’s not even the biggest news we’ll be announcing in the next couple of months.

Buckle up 2013, there are very good reasons that companies like Intuit want to become strategic partners with Tradeshift.

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