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Tradeshift Case Study

TRADESHIFT Case Study: Broadway Design Company

Businesses all over the world are benefiting from joining the Tradeshift network. We now have users in 190 countries, including quite a few just down the street from our headquarters in San Francisco. Recently we met up with one local Bay Area entrepreneur to hear about his unique business model and how he uses Tradeshift to help run the company.

Meet Naeem Naseem. His business, Broadway Design Company, offers web development, branding and social media management services. Broadway Design Company was founded 3 years ago. They spent a year running the business out of a traditional office space in San Francisco’s Mission District. As you’ll see in this case study, Naeem did quite a lot of research, and even tried some more traditional invoicing solutions, before realizing that the Tradeshift network and e-invoicing platform was the perfect match for Broadway Design Company.

More recently, Naeem decided to give up their physical office space and now he and his team are able, in part because of Tradeshift’s cloud-based platform, to work and run their business remotely. They have programmers in Los Angeles, New York and even app developers in Vietnam.

The decision to use Tradeshift, as he explains, ultimately came down to ease of use, ease of implementation and Tradeshift’s ability to improve payment cycles, “It just speeds up the whole process of getting paid and that’s the end result that drives your business.”

Naeem Naseem
Naeem was also kind enough to share some of his favorite Tradeshift functionality. It’s no surprise, as a business owner, he brings up the ability to track. Tracking and measuring is one of the most invaluable aspects of any B2B solution and is most definitely one of the core benefits of Tradeshift.

Broadway Design Company