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The Supplier Engagement Tool: A Detailed Look

Alright, so the secret is out…our Supplier Engagement Tool is a game changer. But what is so special about it? What enables it to drive the onboarding results that it does? A lot of factors and a lot of very involved, groundbreaking technology. But the great thing for our users and customers – they never have to think about any of that because it’s all built behind Tradeshift’s beautifully simplistic user interface.

Tradeshift is the first network to enable onboarding of thousands of suppliers or even more on a global scale from one campaign tool. Our design-team and developers have engineered a self-service toolset that allows enterprises to run the most effective onboarding campaigns, themselves, simply with a few clicks of the mouse. Email templates, all of which have gone through exhaustive A/B testing, can be quickly selected and launched for supplier facing outreach. Easy to manage dashboards allow users to interact with these campaigns and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance.

But you don’t have to take our word for it…we’ll let Jason Busch of Spend Matters elaborate on the Tradeshift Supplier Engagement Tool. During our recent conversation I was able to show him a live demo. In Part 2 of Jason’s series, Tradeshift’s Supplier Enablement Strategy for E-Invoicing – Should Ariba and OB10 be Worried?, he provides a very detailed analysis of the tool’s capabilities and explains why it’s one more reason Tradeshift is positioned to shake up the industry in a major way:

Tradeshift has created a very clever toolset that is fully integrated with their broader platform to enable an automated onboarding process for dozens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and more suppliers. The fact Tradeshift has already enabled over 120,000 suppliers with only seven dedicated resources is nothing short of exceptional and speaks to the level of capability of the toolset…

In the real world of supplier onboarding, the toolset is achieving some pretty remarkable levels of adoption. In one recent campaign targeted at 2,500 suppliers, Tradeshift got 24% adoption in a single week, to the point of having all of those roughly 600 on-boarded suppliers actually transact within the same time frame…if we were betting procurement and AP professionals, our money would be on Tradeshift to show faster and higher margin growth from this point compared with their peers because of their self-service capability.

Like we said, Jason’s complete analysis is very detailed and speaks to the intricacy of the Supplier Engagement Tool’s design so be sure to read his series in its entirety at Spend Matters Pro. And keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post discussing Part 3 of Jason’s analysis.