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The Great Debate: Will Supplier Networks Thrive, Implode or Evolve?

Yesterday’s webinar hosted by Spend Matters was just the debate and conversation we were hoping to have. I was joined by Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell, both of Spend Matters. Also joining the discussion was Jay Merenda from a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry. The topic at hand?

Will Supplier Networks Thrive, Implode or Evolve?

It’s no surprise that I have strong opinions on the topic so needless to say I was very excited to participate. We discussed concerns about supplier connectivity and how an open platform helps to promote deeper engagement. We also talked about interoperability, application deployment and what the future of this space looks like.

I’ll let you form your own opinions but let me just say, the platform era is upon us. It’s all about distribution of processes, applications and increased connectivity.

You can watch the entire webinar below. One small note from this author – I am the CEO and Cofounder of Tradeshift (not head of sales).

Enjoy the webinar and keep the conversation going in our comment stream.