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Say hello to Tradeshift Ada, an AI layer on our commerce platform

I’m excited to announce that we’ve released Ada, the new AI layer on the Tradeshift platform. It will learn from user interactions, improve business processes, and offer contextual information instantly. Ada is openly available to third-party developers. Ada interacts with users platform-wide as a conversational interface. And it’s available today, not at the end of the year.  

Ada assists our users by responding to information requests and by providing contextual suggestions at the point of task across the platform and even beyond, such as the popular collaboration tool, Slack. That means instant response to any requests related to transactions, procurement, spend, payments, etc. It connects the dots between data sources, workflows, and patterns.

You no longer have to move between contexts to get what you happen to need. Imagine the power of providing real-time, accurate answers to collaborators, effortlessly pulling data for reports, and getting smart recommendations for new apps and services.

The result is a workforce with the super-ability to work smarter, faster and save more money because algorithms can transform all decisions into the best decisions.

For example, Ada can “listen in” to your online conversations and clue in on keywords and unobtrusively suggest an app, such as for order collaboration or supply chain financing when you happen to mention them in a context. If you are a Tradeshift Buy user, Ada can, for instance, help you compare how much a department has spent quarter over quarter. For reordering goods and services, it can pre-populate a purchase request with the previous order (if that was the original, or show you a list if there were more). Finally, Ada can be connected to Slack via an API, which means you can have the assistant reach out to a purchase approver on your behalf.

I am extremely proud of the innovation and speed that our development teams brought to the table to get this remarkable technology out to our users. View the video below: