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Responsible leadership, global trade, and taking a stance on immigration

Monthly roundup – January

Unpredictable and tumultuous, the first month of the year saw political history unfold, the AI threat and opportunity gain steam, and global trade shrouded in uncertainty. Meanwhile, Tradeshift again making waves at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. We hosted a slew of tech and leadership panels in our venues along the Davos Promenade for nearly a week. Don’t let this snowy Swiss town fool you, the conversations and global events during January heated up headlines and minds alike. Anyway, here are the highlights:

1.  Responsible and responsive leadership

The main theme of the World Economic Forum this year was responsible and responsive leadership, which was pertinent given the change in leadership in the United States. When we think of leadership, it’s easy to look mainly to politics, but as Christian Lanng pointed out, business leaders are culpable as well.

2.  Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne!

Actually, it’s Matt Damon, and he’s putting his fame to some great use. He’s bringing clean water to numerous underserved populations globally through his charity, In Davos, Damon spoke with Christian Lanng to discuss how micro-financing can help build local infrastructure critical to clean water access and sanitation.

3. China’s new leadership role

While the United States may have have changed its stance on global trade, China has been starring on the globalization stage with their “One Belt, One Road” initiative. President Xi Jinping was the first Chinese president to ever come to Davos, and accompanied Chinese business leaders such as Alibaba’s Jack Ma.

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4. Move beyond Brexit

While the implications of Brexit still weighed heavily on the minds of leaders at Davos, Christian Lanng suggested a new take on the matter, which was one of looking towards to future, rather than being hung up on the past. Furthermore, Mikkel Hippe Brun, SVP of APAC at Tradeshift, suggested that the future of global trade, and “what’s next” is largely stemming from the globalization of China.

5. Wipro invest and partners with Tradeshift

We’ve partnered with Wipro to provide a source-to-pay Business Process-as-a-Service solution to automate and digitize the procurement, finance and accounting solutions for our joint corporate clients. Wipro will provide  source-to-pay capabilities on our business commerce platform. We’ve partnered with well over a dozen such leading reseller partners, who can can build apps, add services, and innovate on our open digital supply chain platform.

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6. Speaking up on immigration

Tradeshift is a company that embraces the ideas and contributions of immigrants. We, like many other U.S. businesses, were founded by US immigrants. Tradeshift CEO and co-founder, Christian Lanng spoke on this matter, and indicated that Tradeshift would not remain silent on this human decency issue.

7. Drones will become the eyes of the supply chain

Drones show great promise for powering supply chain analytics forward. “With powerful onboard tech, they’ll glide over inventory to track RFID, capture images, and send data to inventory, logistics and procurement systems.”

8. 2017 trends and predictions for procurement

January may have just ended, but many procurement teams are still preparing for the year ahead. This webinar from Ardent Partners offers salient predictions for the year and isn’t something you’ll want to miss.


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