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From joint ventures in China to agile procurement in Oxford, here are 7 can’t-miss stories from November

Monthly Roundup – November

November was a month of twists and turns, politically. Take a break from U.S. politics and check out these hand-picked stories. When it comes to procurement and the supply chain, at least there’s consensus that we need agility. The future, as uncertain as it may be, will settle for nothing less.

1. Trump ain’t got nothing on global trade

The political climate introduced by president-elect Donald Trump hasn’t stopped Tradeshift from strategically entering China’s market. As Tradeshift CEO puts it, “It’s rare for a foreign company, especially a cloud company to be involved in pivotal strategic moves, and the size of [the] opportunity is staggering. We are looking at $2.4 trillion of trade moving through this hub.”

2. Agile procurement in Oxford

Christian Lanng joined a CPO event panel at Oxford with Iain Palfreman, Group Procurement Director, Freightliner; Simon Boggis, Former CPO, CEVA Logistics; and, Judith Richardson, Vice President Purchasing, Nissan. View their discussion on the future of procurement. It’s almost an hour long, but worth every minute.

3. Drinking our own champagne

At Tradeshift, we’d never build a product we don’t intend to use ourselves. That’s why we implemented Tradeshift Go in house. Check out the full interview with Tradeshift’s Assistant Controller, Dena Weinstein, to fully understand how our award-winning solution will save us time and money. 

4. It’s a dog-eat-Amazon kind of world

Amazon is currently the king of e-commerce, but PetSmart is hoping to make a pass at overtaking the behemoth with same-day delivery, scheduled deliveries, and subscriptions. This innovation is all made possible by last-mile logistics provider, Deliv.

5. The tastiest innovation in last mile logistics 🍕🍕🍕

There’s a myriad of uses for drones. One of the more interesting ones is their potential to deliver food at speeds that haven’t been witnessed before. Domino’s Pizza has begun testing them for delivery in the town of Whangaparaoa, New Zealand. The pizza provider is hoping to expand this program to other countries, like Australia, once the law permits autonomous vehicle delivery.

6. Automation, robots and AI: the rise of the supply chain machines

Supply chain robots may not be here to take our jobs, but they’re certainly going to change how our jobs are performed. Supply Chain Digital explores the future of shipping and logistics, and how this will shape the future of business.

7. The fourth industrial revolution: what it means for supply chains

Months ago drones in the warehouse and self-driving trucks seemed hyper-futuristic. Now, these are slowly becoming realities for top shipping and logistics organizations. Vishal Patel, Director of Solutions Marketing, at Tradeshift, weighs in on these technologies in this article from Global Trade Magazine.

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