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Why are we getting love letters from trees?

At first, we thought it was strange that we were getting love letters from trees this morning. But then we realized it made sense, since Tradeshift saves so many of the 10 million trees used for paper on supply chain processes each year.

We couldn’t keep these tree-mails to ourselves, especially on the day before Valentine’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Trunk In Love, Point Reyes, CA

Rooting For You, Kansas City, MO

I'm A Sap For You, Bennington, VT

Over-Elmed By Your Love, Yosemite Valley, CA

Want to learn more about our environmental love affair? Read up on our involvement in the circular economy and why we won The Circulars’ 2015 Digital Disruptor Award.

What you can do:

Go Digital and eliminate paper!

Stand for Trees and help curb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Learn about the circular economy and why it’s important.