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Buy faster and smarter with Tradeshift Go

Say hello to Tradeshift® Go, a virtual business assistant that takes the hassle out of using company credit cards and assists with travel booking.

Tradeshift charged headfirst into the underserved mid-market for procurement yesterday with the announcement of Tradeshift Go–a free virtual assistant that simplifies credit card payments and travel booking. CEO Christian Lanng broke the story to industry analysts and journalists in Manhattan at the Hotel Eventi yesterday afternoon.

This new product, available in app and desktop plug-in form, will empower both road warriors and back office heroes. Up to now, high-end procurement software has been reserved for enterprise customers with thousands of suppliers. But now, whether it’s getting a new espresso maker for the office or booking a trip to close a deal, Tradeshift Go is on the job.

“Tradeshift is on a mid-market purchasing disruption binge.”-Dana Gardner, BriefingsDirect

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Go offers the ability to buy anywhere online and get 100% of spend under management, by automating approval flows and liberating employees from spending out of pocket. Go does away with time-consuming credit card reconciliations, credit card fraud, and the inability to efficiently process transactions.

Employees can use Go to search the entire web. Once they put an item in their basket, the automated approval functionality will notify the next step in their approval chain. If the purchase is approved, a one-time use credit card will be issued in the amount approved.

Employees win because they can quickly and simply fulfill business need through a pleasing UI. Procurement wins because they have visibility into spend that would likely have been rogue before. But Go is more than buying.


Many mid-market companies struggle with things like travel or legal help, because they don’t have the staff to work full-time on these important, but niche areas. Tradeshift Skills fills this expertise gap.

Tradeshift Skills provides easy access to the skills you need, on-demand, for Procurement, AP or even supplier & risk management. The first out-of-the-box skill included with Go is travel.


Once employees tell Go where they’re headed, this smart new assistant handles travel by booking flights, hotels and taxis. All this is easily done with a smartphone.

Go Travel

No matter what you use credit cards for (office supplies, recurring IT costs, your next trip to NYC), Go helps you get it. Download Go on iOS today!

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