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Tradeshift Editorial Team

Tradeshift connects buyers, suppliers, and all their processes in one global network. We help you transform the way you work with suppliers today – and adapt to whatever the future brings.

Christian Lanng

Co-founder and CEO of Tradeshift. He was instrumental in the creation of PEPPOL, the standardized framework for e-business used by 14 European governments. Christian is a member of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of IT Software & Services, World Economic Forum. He also serves as a young advisor to European Union VP Neelie Kroes.

Christopher Jablonski

Christopher is the director of content and communications at Tradeshift, and lead global editor for supply chain, fintech, and digital business content. He has 17 years of business technology experience in analyst, journalism, and marketing roles. Follow him on Twitter: @cjablonski

Vishal Patel

As a former industry analyst, Vishal brings many years of experience researching, benchmarking and advising enterprises on their AP and P2P strategies. He also has a deep understanding of the technology solutions in this space and how they can help to improve performance.

Mikkel Hippe Brun

Mikkel is co-founder of Tradeshift and SVP for APAC. He holds a MS in Computer Science and has had a long career in IT in both private and public sector. Mikkel was Technical Director of the 30 million Euro PEPPOL project (Pan European Public Procurement Online).

Haley Fraser

Haley Fraser is the Social Media Marketer at Tradeshift. She has previously managed blog content for ecommerce sites and is a trending news enthusiast.

Kate Swanberg

Kate is the Growth Manager at Tradeshift for Small Businesses. She has previously appeared in The Next Web, Tint, Women 2.0, Invisionapp, Zapier, & more. As a previous consultant herself, she shares her small business growth tips with others.

Gert Sylvest

Gert is the CTO & a Co-founder. He is responsible for the implementation of the Tradeshift platform.

A. Diego C. Alonso

Highly non-linear Machine Learning Engineer

Charles Henri Royon

Head of EMEA Sales

Jon Bosak

Jon Bosak led the creation of the XML specification at the W3C. In 2001, Bosak organized the OASIS Universal Business Language Technical Committee to create standard formats for basic electronic business documents. He led the UBL TC through the completion of UBL 2.1 in November 2013 and continues to serve on the Committee as Secretary. UBL was approved for use in European public sector in October 2014 and published as an International Standard, ISO/IEC 19845:2015 in December 2015.

Rasmus Berg Palm

Rasmus Berg Palm is an Engineer and machine learning specialist at Tradeshift.

Caitlin Clarke

Caitlin is Tradeshift’s senior copywriter and word nerd. She scribbles, tweaks and massages copy like it’s her job.

Rolf Njor Jensen

SVP Engineering at Tradeshift

Mike Gesell

Director of Sales at Tradeshift

Janne Kovasin

Janne has been working for Tradeshift since March 2011 with the responsibility to provide world class support for both enterprise and small business users.

Elliot Beaudoin

Director of Product Marketing

Sarika Garg

SVP & GM, Networks & Apps at Tradeshift

Kristian Fischer

Kristian is a delivery manager at Tradeshift and responsible for a successful onboarding of enterprise clients, building their supplier network, benefit tracking and ensuring project goals are met.

Pippa Grayshon

Pippa’s job is to help make exciting conversations happen between business leaders from around the world. As the director of field marketing for Tradeshift in Europe, she is responsible for hosting and organizing events in Europe, including Tradeshift’s presence in Davos during the World Economic Forum.

Magnus Ekman

Magnus has over 15 years experience in procure-to-pay. At IBX (now Tradeshift), he managed procure-to-pay and supplier network products and headed supplier and content services. He is currently director of product marketing at Tradeshift.

Tom Stapleton


Mikkel Bo Schmidt

Mikkel Bo is the Head of Product Design of Tradeshift. He has a background in industrial design and engineering and a degree from the University of Aalborg in Denmark.

David Cox

Enterprise Account Executive