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Dynamic Discounting

Announcing Tradeshift Dynamic Discounting. Watch the video!

The tug of war over payment terms is coming to an end – and the best part is, we’re declaring two winners – buyers and suppliers. Today we announce Tradeshift Dynamic Discounting, the latest solution in our early payments offering.

Many feel that finance, and business in general for that matter, is a zero sum game. We’ve never seen it like that at Tradeshift. Rather, we recognize that when you deliver real value, you receive it in return. Early payment solutions, specifically Dynamic Discounting, have the potential to strengthen a supplier and help them grow while reducing costs for buyers. This is not a winner-takes-all game. Every solution we develop shares this goal of delivering value to both ends of the transaction – Tradeshift Dynamic Discounting does just that.

Offering and receiving discounts on invoices doesn’t have to be difficult. When the terms are fair, everyone wins. It should be as easy as a handshake. That’s how we approached our new solution. Check it out!

Every solution we develop at Tradeshift shares a common goal – to deliver value to both buyers and suppliers and transform the way they do business. Our latest offering is no different, and that’s why we’re excited for Dynamic Discounting, the newest addition to our early payments solutions.