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AF-KLM chooses Tradeshift

Air France-KLM takes supplier relations to new heights

[Updated 4/20] The airline industry is in constant battle with high labor costs, erratic fuel prices, and customers demanding more from the flying experience.

Costly and complicated back-end processes and disenchanted suppliers are the last thing an airline needs in the face of these challenges. Air France-KLM’s decision to use Tradeshift will go a long way to streamline how it works with its vendors and to digitally connect its global supply chain.

The second largest airline group in Europe has selected Tradeshift not just because we’ll help initially process more than half a million invoices annually, but because of our ability to add functionality through apps and whip up capabilities to support their procure-to-pay automation goals as they expand and evolve.

The airline opted to implement Tradeshift due to our compelling value proposition, strategy, business model and proven supplier onboarding rates. Thierry Bellon, Air France CPO, said that he needs the speed, flexibility and seamless collaboration that Tradeshift can provide to many aspects of the business, especially transactions and accounts payable.

That’s what we’re going to give him.

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