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Tradeshift Case Study

A Tradeshift review from a small business user

Imagine you’re using a spreadsheet from a friend to do your accounting and invoicing. It does the job but one of the most important aspects of your business is a time-consuming nonsense of fiddling around to create something that never looks quite as good as it could do.

It’s a familiar situation to many who run the finances behind their own business and we caught up with IT consultant Christian Hajdú, founder of Paprika Consulting, who replaced a similar setup with Tradeshift.

Interestingly, Tradeshift came onto his radar when one of his largest customers started using it and introducing it to all of their suppliers. Before long, he had fallen in love with the greater insight into the process of getting paid, the professional look and the time it saved him — a great example of how we help our biggest users and our smallest users work more happily together.

Check out the full story below in this short interview with Christian himself.