Sage and Kashflow users get paid faster with Tradeshift Apps

  • Accounting software users may directly share and manage invoices through Tradeshift

Accounting software is one of the most powerful tools available to modern business. But it’s perhaps the best illustration of business software as a series of islands. You crunch the numbers in your accounting system and then turn to relatively old-fashioned email for the next step: getting paid.

Today, we’re announcing the release of new Tradeshift Apps that integrate two of the UK’s most popular accounting systems into our free platform. Once activated, a business can manage the process of getting paid by partners as if it were a natural extension of the system — but with all the advantages of Tradeshift E-invoicing.

That means knowing when their invoices have been accepted, paid or even discussing important details in a comments thread linked directly to the document. They can also get an idea of their full invoicing situation using a simple news stream that quickly brings them up to date.

Instead of exporting to PDF or paper and wasting time chasing updates over email or phone calls, the experience is replaced with something more like a Facebook comments thread. This leaves you with more time to get on with the work that matters.

Once a small or midsized company has connected with trading partners on the Tradeshift platform, they can activate a growing range of Tradeshift Apps, which enable new functionality and tie in other systems. Anyone can create Apps for Tradeshift and already there’s everything from a Paypal app to recurring invoices, visualisation tools, quotes, POs and more.

Try the connectors for yourself

If you’re a Sage 50 or Sage Instant Accounts user, find out more about how you can streamline your invoicing and more with a free Tradeshift account here.

If you use Kashflow, read more about activating the Kashflow App in their introduction here.

But there’s another side to this story — you may have noticed that the amount of connectors and Apps we’re offering has started to accelerate. This is no coincidence. The Tradeshift platform is growing fast and so are the things you can do with it. Tradeshift Apps mean you can build the business software lineup that you need, not just put up with a single universal default.

If you’re a developer with an idea for an App that could run on Tradeshift, or a business with something you’d like to see created,
get in touch
. You are the future of Tradeshift and we can’t wait to see what we can build together.

About the Author

Christian Lanng

Christian Lanng is CEO and co-founder of Tradeshift, with the lead responsibility of shaping strategy and vision.