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Leveling the Playing Field: How to Get What You Want Without Cutting Off Your Suppliers

In my last post, I described how the innovator’s dilemma is limiting the spread of e-invoicing, pointing out the sorry […]

Business is Broken. But we can fix it.

The struggles faced by SMEs throughout the UK continue to snag headlines. For many professionals, it seems business is just […]

How I came to realize Tradeshift was the spot for me

This is a story about how I recently found that changing the world can be something bigger than you ever […]

The Expansion of Early Payment Tools: Part 2

And here we are with part 2 of our discussion on early payments. You can read part 1 here. While […]

Where big banks fail, Tradeshift & CapitalAid deliver – $3bn factoring business for EU SMEs set to ease lending needs

If we had to find a silver lining to the rough and tumble lending market faced by SMEs in the […]

Q & A with VP of Marketing & PR, Renette Youssef

Peter (PFA): Today I’m with our VP of Global Marketing & PR, Renette Youssef, to talk about the recent redesign of […]

Trading Places: Morten Lund, OnlyXO

For the first of our regular Q&A interviews with real businesses and entrepreneurs, we dropped a few questions to Morten […]

Interview: Laszlo Beloberk, Tradeshift Integration Specialist

The support team at Tradeshift is segmented so that specialists handle different areas and can focus on handling certain responsibilities […]

Interview: Ferenc Bartha, Tradeshift Integration Engineer

Ferenc Bartha, or Feri as he’s called, has led the way helping put together the new Tradeshift Support Center — […]

Interview: Janne Kovasin, Tradeshift Network Analyst and Supporter

If you’ve recently joined Tradeshift and had a question, there’s a good chance it was Janne who introduced you to […]