January, 2013

Why did DSM choose Tradeshift?

We run regular webinars with partners where they talk about why they chose Tradeshift, in their own words, and give […]

The platform era is upon us

The standards and expectations that have defined the industry of enterprise software for so long have changed. For years companies […]

Multi-million dollar Intuit partnership will connect millions to Tradeshift platform

Tradeshift to become biggest platform for business interactions, reaching over 5m QuickBooks users In just a couple of years, Tradeshift […]

UK Gov follows Tradeshift’s example…

“Electronic invoicing could streamline government administration at a stroke, save taxpayers billions of pounds and enable the government to use […]

2013 – The journalists’ view

You know what we think – 2013 is going to be a big year for openness, platforms and business software. […]

12 Months of Tradeshift in the News

When you move as fast as Tradeshift, it can be easy to forget just how much has happened in the […]