February, 2012

E-invoicing service provider – Still not convinced about PEPPOL?

Tradeshift and more than 15 other service providers have now established multilateral roaming via PEPPOL. More than 40,000 public sector […]

Tradeshift offers test endpoints for PEPPOL interoperability testing

A growing community of service providers have now started offering e-invoice roaming via PEPPOL. The same is true for Tradeshift […]

Open for business – Free and interoperable roaming with Tradeshift and PEPPOL

Tradeshift now supports free roaming of e-invoices with any service provider connected to the PEPPOL infrastructure. No fees apply, no […]

Can e-invoicing help you with more than just e-invoicing?

When finalising your RFP, ask your self this question: is it really just e-invoicing that you’re looking for? That might […]

Tradeshift World Tour: CFO in the cloud

This year we’ll be doing things differently in finance and procurement. It starts with universal supplier activation. But it doesn’t […]

Your e-invoicing solution should be the start of something big

If there’s a technology trend that will come to define the last few years, it’s apps. Imagine if the iPhone […]

Report: Unpaid invoices causing pain for UK businesses

One of the best things about working at Tradeshift is uncovering small businesses that are doing awesome things to change […]

E-invoicing RFP: Cloud vs. On Site

If you’ve been reading our RFP blog series so far then, get ready! This is it. The big one. The […]